WGD-C KMC System

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KMC series is a gantry type flexible 3D robot laser cutting system independently developed by WLA, which creates a new laser processing filed for large structural metal and nonmetal parts.
 Capable of both 2D and 3D cutting;
 Self-learning 3D programming of high performance, high efficiency, high accuracy and low cost;
 New direct drive focusing head of high dynamic and high accuracy, F-axis automatic focusing capable of cutting complex parts and pipes;
 Equipped with protective grating and safety door;
 KUKA KMC system, having speed up to 100m/min, 6-axis and flying optic path;
 Consists of a gantry-type machine tool with X-Y-Z coordinate linear motion axis, joint 4-5-6 of a KUKA robot with control system, laser generator, terminal output system and safety protection system;
 RobotWorks offline programming software

 Laser type and output power  CO2  laser (wavelength=10.6μm), up to 4kW
 Fiber laser (wavelength=1.06μm), up to 4kW (optional)
 X axis stroke  4100mm (customizable)
 Y axis stroke  2100mm (customizable)
 Z axis stroke  500mm (customizable)
 X, Y axis positioning accuracy  ±0.05mm
 X, Y axis position repeatability  ±0.03mm
 X, Y, Z axis maximum positioning speed  60m/min
 X, Y, Z axis acceleration  5m/s²

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