WK-C Series Robot System

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The WK Series is an external beam guide robot laser processing system developed by WLA integrating KUKA robot, laser beam guide, laser source and software.
■ High flexibility
Ensures high reachability for cutting complex 3D structure parts;
■ High accuracy
Ensures flexible cutting precision;
■ Beam technology
External beam guide enables 3D cutting for metal, nonmetal and composites;
■ Lossless Processing
Contact free flexible laser processing, small deformation and no surface wear out;
■ Resource Saving
Easy to operate and low cost maintenance of articulated arm made in U.S.A.;
■ Flexible Configuration
Modular design improves work efficiency;
■ Customized Service
Offline programming.

 Laser type and output power  CO2  laser (wavelength=10.6μm), up to 4kW
 Maximum part size (reachability)  2000mm × 800mm × 600mm
 Cutting speed  Up to 250mm/s
 Position repeatability  Down to ±0.05mm
 Beam guide  External
 Fixture change  Hot swap quick change
 System control  KRC4 control
 Laser protection  Class 1
 Footprint     4000mm × 3500mm × 3700mm
 Programming  RobotWorks offline programming or KUKA teach pendent

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